[nsp] cricket/mrtg & GSR memory/cpu

Paul van der Zel paul at is.co.za
Tue Aug 12 11:15:40 EDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 02:47:36PM -0700, matthew zeier wrote:
> I haven't figured out a way to graph CPU and memory usage through cricket
> (or mrtg) for the 12012s I have.  Anyone already figure this out?

Related to processor utilization, I recently found this on cco (need login):


Describes a series of steps to query the CISCO-PROCESS-MIB for the utilization figures, then 
correlate that back to the actual linecards by querying the ENTITY-MIB.  

I have not been able to make this work in our network as we are currently running an IOS that has the
bug mentioned in the document wherein the ENTITY-MIB is not correctly populated and retuns zero

I'm sure that an astute scripting person may well be able to create a cfgmaker-style utility for
discovering these and populating mrtg .cfg files accordingly?  



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