[nsp] BGP to IGP Redistribution

Hawthorne, Austin J [IT] austin.j.hawthorne at citigroup.com
Tue Aug 12 11:04:29 EDT 2003

Hopefully someone can help with the following scenario:

BGP_A <---> RTR_A <---> EIGRP <---> RTR_B <---> BGP_B

BGP_A and BGP_B are learning about the following networks via RIP (via network statements, links not depicted):


BGP_A and BGP_B are configured to announce aggregate of (summary plus specifics).

EIGRP is configured to redistribute BGP.

Here's the problem:

I would assume that RTR_B would learn of RTR_A's prefixes via EIGRP (and vice versa)...this is not the case.  What I am seeing is that RTR_B learns the aggregate from RTR_A (but not vice versa, split horizon thing I think), yet no specifics are learned?

Can someone explain the behavior I am seeing?



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