[nsp] 'memory iomem' on 7200 / NPE - platform

Josh Richards jrichard at digitalwest.net
Tue Aug 12 16:56:26 EDT 2003

It would appear to be in 12.2(14)S3 but entirely undocumented for the 7200
platform.  Unfortunately, I don't have a lab box handy to play with this.  
Can anyone verify its usage on a NPE-300 or NPE-400?  I'd love to see top
of a "show mem free" immediately after reloading with "memory-size iomem
40" in the config.  Alternatively, if someone sees it documented for the
7200/NPE somewhere that I missed, by all means direct me there..

xxx(config)#memory-size iomem ? 
  <32-128>  Total I/O memory size
            For NPE-300, accepted values are <40, 64>
            For NPE-400, accepted values are <32, 64, 128>



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