[nsp] Cable Question (SC/LC)

Deepak Jain deepak at ai.net
Fri Aug 15 06:01:30 EDT 2003

When trying to convert an existing SC connector cross-connect into something
that plugs into an SFP module, what is the exact part/description I should
look for? I have an existing SC cross-connect that plugs into a GBIC nicely.
Now I want to take that GBIC-based unit and replace it with an SFP-based
unit which only accepts LC connections.

I am guessing something like F-SC->M-LC but I could just as easily have
these reversed. I need the latch on the LC side and something to act as a
GBIC-like receptable for the SC connectors. Part #'s and/or vendors or
simple-solutions would be very much appreciated.



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