[nsp] AS5300 mica

Mark Tinka mtinka at africaonline.co.ug
Mon Aug 18 14:58:07 EDT 2003

What MICA-portware version are you running?


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Dear all

We receive the following error-massage from all AS5300 access-dervers
running IOS 122-3.bin and the cisco-recommended upgrate 122-17a.bin:

%MICA-3-UNKNINBAND: Unknown inband msg from modem (X/X): opcode = 0x5A

 We now have IOS 122-3 to all AS5300 but we will upgrade to 122-17 to solve
the problem with Cisco recent vulnerability. The problem appears to both IOS
since I upgrade one AS to 122-17a and it stills sends  the same message.

Can you please advice?

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