[nsp] Password recovery on a Cisco IGX 8430 Multi-Service Switch

Andy Cranston a.cranston at selwaymoore.com
Tue Aug 19 16:11:31 EDT 2003

Hello everyone,

I have what I believe to be a Cisco IGX 8430 Multi-Service Switch in our
test laboratory.

I have been looking for a password recovery procedure for this piece of
equipment.  I cannot find it listed at:


and my searches on Google have not turned up anything useful.

Once the switch has booted up my 24x80 serial terminal (which is plugged
into the "Control Terminal" DB25 plug on the blade called "SCM") displays
something similar to:

    MTU_LND     TRM  No User   IGX 8430 9.2.40    June 28 2003 16:52 G+03


    Enter User ID:

                                                              MAJOR ALARM

I am fairly certain that "MTU_LND" is the network name assigned to the
switch because this matches up with the name of a related Cisco 7507 I've
just reset the enable password on.

Any help on how to get past the above screen so I can start to probe for
version numbers of the installed blades would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Andy Cranston.

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