[nsp] policy-routing GRE tunnel packets

Tomas Daniska tomas at tronet.com
Wed Aug 20 09:55:34 EDT 2003

> > 
> > Have you tried applying
> > 
> > ip policy route-map local-policy
> > 
> > to the tunnel interfaces? I would think that would work.
> > 

no, would not. that route-map would policy-route the packets from
_inside_ the tunnel

> > >
> > > > > I had assumed that the Tunnel packets would be
> > > > > subject to local policy routing, but that doesn't
> > > > > seem to work - according to packet debugging, the

i believe that tunnel encaps with cef is somehow more cef stuff than
anything ever - both 'outer' ip header and gre header are usually
static, so it might be pre-computed in the cef table directly as a
complete encaps. if this is true, then the outer packet is not actually
generated by the router - the original packet is just wrapped with the
encap from the fib and that's it

> > > > You may be able to use VRF instances to make this work. 
>  It should
> > also
> > > > work fine with 12.3(1a) since that's an outgrowth of 
> 12.2T.  That
> > train

did anyone try the 'gre source/destination vrf membership' feature? i
had some problems while i had cef on the input interface. after
disabling cef there the stuff started working and continues to work even
after enabling cef again. i'll have to try if this is a
after-reboot-only scenario



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