[nsp] Netflow questions - flow expiry

Ian Cox icox at cisco.com
Wed Aug 20 06:37:46 EDT 2003

At 05:47 PM 8/20/2003 +1000, Andrew Fort wrote:

>Ian, thanks for the detail. As I understand the above, the flows that dont 
>get a hash hit get thrown to the MSFC3 traditional IOS netflow table (on 

Flows that miss in the netflow table do not go to the MSFC3. Statistics are 
simply not recorded for these flows just like on Sup2.

>Does the MSFC3 cope well with a line-rate 1-packet-per-flow condition 
>where the overflow situation (worst case, ~30k flows) is continually 
>overflowing the hardware table, or can this bring the box to its knees 
>under relatively low flowrates?

Not with multi-million packet per second situations. We deliberately, 
decided not to punt flows that have a miss in the netflow table to the 
MSFC3 because it basically causes a DoS to the control plane. The Sup2 
works the same way, packets get forwarded by H/W CEF lookup, and H/W 
netflow table is used for statistics gathering.

>  (as it does on some other boxes).  Is the command the same to view the 
> hardware flow table contention level on the Sup720?

Sup720 commands are:

ringebu#sh mls netflow table-contention aggregate
Earl in Module 5
Aggregate Netflow CAM Contention Information
Netflow Creation Failures    :   255709412414
Netflow Hash Aliases         :   6

** All failures to create entries since last reboot

ringebu#sh mls netflow table-contention detailed
Earl in Module 5
Detailed Netflow CAM (TCAM and ICAM) Utilization
TCAM Utilization             :   97%
ICAM Utilization             :   0%
Netflow TCAM count           :   254161
Netflow ICAM count           :   1
Netflow Creation Failures    :   4078719
Netflow CAM aliases          :   0

** All failures in the last aging time



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