[nsp] 7400 IOS

Darren Smith data at barrysworld.com
Wed Aug 20 23:22:27 EDT 2003

Hi Chris

We now have about half a dozen 7400 routers and use BGP/DOT1Q/NETFLOW mainly and they've
been working fine with 12.2(14)S3.....

Having said that, I have had a some really odd things happening recently on one or two of

Two of my routers hung for no apparent reason at different times this week.

Console access worked and I could 'show proc cpu' to show 0% cpu usage, if i did a 'show
int' i see all my interfaces are up, but no packets flow.

Our DSL L2TP terminator is running 12.2(16)B1 at the minute and has been up for just over
5 weeks.

Last word of warning, I tried 12.3 and it they just locked up big style after about 2
hours, no console access or anything.

I have no TAC access at the minute so unfortunately cannot raise the hanging issue.


Darren Smith

PS. Netflow v5 seems to be working properly at last in the later builds as well :-)

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> Heya,
> I'm looking for experiences with 7400 IOS', for a 7401ASR I have. I've heard
> lots of reports of problems with these routers, especially related to PXF,
> and some people saying they have had more luck turning PXF off.
> I'm looking mainly for PPPoA and QoS features.
> Cheers,
> Chris.
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