[nsp] Sup1A-MSFC2 Performance

David Sinn dsinn at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 21 11:47:16 EDT 2003

Which PFC do you have?

The 1a's normally only have the PFC1, so you are stuck with flow based
routing.  Depending on how many flows the box sees, how you have the
flow mask set (either through explicit commands, or accidental
combinations of features), and what aging timer value you use, you can
exceed the flow table.  Doing so causes the packets to be punted to the
to the MSFC for processing.

Given the 400 VLAN's, I would imagine that you are going to have a
reasonable number of directly connected hosts.  Those hosts also consume
flow entries.

Overall you probably can tweak the box to get it to perform, but could
be courting problems.


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   I'm interested in using a Sup1A-MSFC2 (w/ 512MB
ram) in a routing environment and am wondering what
sort of performance I can expect. Looking to do about
1Gbps of IP traffic through a few Gig interfaces, Run
BGP an take in full tables from about 3-4 peers, and
have about 400 Vlans created on the box. Has anyone
used this sort of hardware with a similar config? What
sort of CPU usage can I expect? 



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