[nsp] NM-DVB on Cisco Routers

Mark Tinka mtinka at africaonline.co.ug
Fri Aug 22 12:11:04 EDT 2003

Hello all.

I was wondering whether Cisco support DVB network interfaces [coaxial 75-ohm
terminators] on their routers, and if so, wich ones?

The reason I ask is because in Africa, DVB has become a very popular method
to receive downlink services from US/European-based satellite teleports. The
DVB stream, which basically carries video and audio services for several
satellite TV service providers, also encapsulates IP packets along with the

ISPs with dedicated DVB receivers [usually running some flavor is Linux],
tune into the downlink frequency, and use a pre-assigned PID to
differentiate the several multicast streams on the downlink frequency, and
use it to decapsulate the correct data streams. It has become very very
popular because of the amount of bandwidth expansion it offers [up to 45Mbps
on the DVB card], without the need to upgrade or purchase new hardware [such
as satellite modems e.t.c].

Do Cisco support DVB services on satellite downlink carriers?


Mark Tinka - CCNP
Network Engineer, Africa Online Uganda 

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