[nsp] Cisco 2621 w/AIM-VPN performance?

Steve Francis steve at expertcity.com
Fri Aug 22 11:40:59 EDT 2003

Olav Langeland wrote:

>Any comments on the performance of a 2621 w/AIM-VPN? Is it better to
>apply ACL for restricting VPN access to the network on the 2621 instead
>of the firewall (VPN is on a separate DMZ zone)? Will it handle the
>traffic mentioned above without any problems? 
We use 2621's w/AIM-VPN for some small remote offices, so they just have 
two tunnels.

THe limitation on them seems to be 600pps before you suffer serious 
drops and CPU load.
If that's below your anticipated traffic levels, their OK, but it seems 
pretty underpowered to me. (I dont think I'll be buying them anymore.)

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