[nsp] 6500/7600 with large ARP/MAC tables?

Alex Rubenstein alex at nac.net
Mon Aug 25 17:03:59 EDT 2003


I personally run a Hybrid 6509/s2/msfc2/pfc2 with about 15,000 arp
entries, and about 325 interfaces. It runs well. It's got 12.1.19E1.

It moves just around a gigabit/sec. It's got about 4,000 routes.

CPU utilization for five seconds: 9%/2%; one minute: 12%; five minutes: 12%

I have a customer who has only two interfaces, but is over the 20k range
in mac entries.

On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Dmitri Kalintsev wrote:

> Hi good people,
> I'm looking for some real-life (if possible) experience terminating around
> 400-500 VLANs each having around 100-200 hosts, while being an IP gateway
> for all of them (one gateway IP per VLAN), anticipated CAM table size of
> around 60-70K entries (all hosts are IP and will be talking via this box to
> the rest of the network, so ARP table is expected to be the same size). The
> hardware configuration assumed is 6500/7600, native IOS (which version,
> btw?), Sup720.
> How likely is this configuration to run into harware limitations of the
> platform or any other scalability issues? Assume that numbers above are the
> worst-case scenario (no further growth anticipated).
> Thanks,
> --
> D.K.
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