[nsp] BGP issues after upgrading IOS versions

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Mon Aug 25 23:34:31 EDT 2003

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 10:03 PM, Scott Lambert wrote:

> Ah!  That sounds like it could be worth investigating.
> I'm guessing the memory issue could be part of why it is flaking out on
> us.  In which case, the IOS upgrade isn't going to help.
> Now to try to decide whether to try the upgrade again tonight or wait
> for the memory to arrive Wednesday.

If it were me I'd wait and do it at the same time as the memory
upgrade, less impact on services availability -- and it's unlikely
newer revisions of IOS are going to be any more efficient from a
memory utilization perspective (but then again, folks are always
finding clever new ways to store data, or clever new data to store,
or something like that :-)


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