[nsp] NSE-1 + qos-group

Sean Crocker crockers at mail.trinicom.com
Thu Jan 2 15:20:09 EST 2003


>I would like to hear from any cisco guy if there is any available IOS
>Code for 7200 in order to match by qos-group using PXF.
>I tested severals version but none of them supported it, and due to
>this plus the load the router crashed many times.

I don't think qos-group is supported on PXFs.  I ran into a similar
problem on another chassis using PXFs.  The only stuff I could find
was an off-the-cuff comment in CSCdu0711 about forcing the PXF to
punt to CPU using qos-group as a workaround, and this:


...but it wasn't a showstopper for us.  If you really need the PXF to
support this, you should bring it up with your local account team.


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