[nsp] Load sharing over unequal bandwidth lines using CEF

Piotr Marecki p.marecki at tdcinternet.pl
Mon Jun 2 16:15:45 EDT 2003

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Subject: Re: [nsp] Load sharing over unequal bandwidth lines using CEF

> Earl,
> This is not CEF but routing protocol related. To do unequal cost path load
> balancing you need a routing protocol that supports it. Currently, Eigrp
> and BGP (Link bandwidth feature) support it.

When it comes to forwarding it is CEF related . If i am right , to
loadbalance CEF has internal data structure
of 16 entries and hashing function chooses one of the 16 entries per
flow/per packet.So unless hashing function isn't
something complicated you cant obtain all possible ratios .
Also one can do unequal load-balancing using TE tunnels.


Piotr Marecki

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