[nsp] Broadband Aggregation on 3600?

Eric Matkovich ematkovi at cisco.com
Mon Mar 3 09:58:50 EST 2003

Hi Simon,

If aggregation functionality is what you need to accomplish the 3600 can handle this fine.

Although released in the 12.1T time frame, you should be able to configure PPPoA, PPPoE and PPPoEoA using one of the latest 12.2(13)T images.  This will give you a couple of options for connecting to the DSLAM, Ethernet or ATM.

Here is a link for reference:




At 01:25 PM 3/3/2003 +0000, Simon McCartney wrote:
>I'd like to pick your brains please,
>My company is doing some DSLAM testing for a UK DSLAM manufacturer.
>Where as we're primarily looking at managment features etc, it would be
>nice if we could test connecting to a DSLAM, but I gather that the
>standard 6400 NRP config isn't cheap, is there any way I can mock up a 6400
>Aggregator with an ATM card and 3640?  (of which we have a couple of
>I've no idea what ATM card's I'd need if this was possible.
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