[nsp] 3620 gone bad

Mark Ivens mivens at clara.net
Wed Mar 5 12:47:26 EST 2003

Thus spake Roberto González Hernández (gohr2000 at hotmail.com):

> Hi Charles.
> Soory but I can not help you , but maybe cou can have some help to me...
> I have a CISCO 3600 Series that have the next Message when i turn on:
> *** Port Module OIR Event Interrupt ***
> Port Module OIR Status = 0xffff

First try re-seating the network modules (remember a 3620 doesn't
support OIR).

Next power up the router with all modules removed and see if you still
get the error and if not, add each network modules one at a time. 

Otherwise suspect the power supply.


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