[nsp] broken syslog 12.2(13)T

Vadim Shesterin rowdy at zenon.net
Fri Mar 7 15:45:30 EST 2003


it's a know bug CSCdz27490

Release Notes

Symptoms: If the system boots with more than one syslog host configured
via logging host commands, then there is no logging to
the console, vty connections, or to the syslog hosts. All logging is

Conditions: This symptom is observed on a Cisco router that is running Cisco
IOS Release 12.2(13)T.

Workaround: Reconfigure the system so that only one syslog server is
configured and save the new configuration. The system must then be reloaded
to restore logging functionality.

Jakob Schlyter wrote:
> hi,
> I'm having a strange syslog problem with 12.2(13)T on a 2600. syslog is
> enabled but 'show logging' reports that all messages are dropped and no
> messages shows up at the configured logging hosts nor in the log buffer. I
> have not (yet) tried to reload, but I currently rather not since we're in
> a production environment. some configuration hints below:
> crt-gw#show running | include logging
> logging buffered 65536 debugging
> logging console errors
> logging facility local3
> logging source-interface FastEthernet0/0
> logging
> logging
> crt-gw#show logging
> Syslog logging: enabled (13042 messages dropped, 16 messages rate-limited, 0 flushes, 0 overruns)
>     Console logging: level errors, 10 messages logged
>     Monitor logging: level debugging, 0 messages logged
>     Buffer logging: level debugging, 668 messages logged
>     Logging Exception size (4096 bytes)
>     Count and timestamp logging messages: disabled
>     Trap logging: level informational, 672 message lines logged
>         Logging to, 1 message lines logged
>         Logging to, 0 message lines logged
> Log Buffer (65536 bytes):
> crt-gw#
> anyone else experiencing this problem?
> 	jakob

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