[nsp] Gigabit Ethernet over SDH/Sonet

Eoin Kenny eoin.kenny at heanet.ie
Fri Mar 7 14:09:45 EST 2003

Thanks for all the suggestions.
At the moment my GE circuit is finally up. The provider did a cold 
restart of the STM64 ring!!! and our link came straight up.

>The Nortel GigE cards we have are single mode 1310nm, are you sure "your" 
>Nortel cards are SX 850nm?
As for 1310nm Mikael you are wright the SDH ring has 1310nm interfaces. 
The DWDM ring converts from our 850nm to 1310 at the providers site.

>What about physical loops in front of the GSRs ?
>Also what about remote loops on the DWDM ?
Physical loops on the DWDM and in front of the GSR also worked!

I have asked for a full explanation so if I get more information I will 
let the list know.

Many thanks

Edoardo.Martelli at cern.ch wrote:

>Have you tried  to disable speed autonegotiation of the Cisco GBeth's?
>On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 05:06:40PM +0000, Eoin Kenny wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I am trying to bring up a new point to point Gigabit Ethernet leased 
>>line from a service provider for over a week now, without any luck!!
>>The set up is as follows:
>>GSR ----Optera Metro DWDM ring ----Ethernet over SDH ring-----Optera 
>>Metro DWDM ring -----GSR
>>We  have existing GE circuits working over the DWDM rings without any 
>>problems. I also get local loop on my GSRs when the provider puts a 
>>local software loop on the Optera equipment. The new element to our 
>>usual setup is the EoSDH ring.
>>I am using 1000Base SX Gbics in the GSRs and the providers equipment is 
>>an Nortel STM64 ring with EoSDH cards, using GFP (generic framing protocol).
>>Does anyone have any advice/experience of using GE Gbics with Etherent 
>>over SDH equipment? Or any suggestions on what may be wrong?
>>Thanks for your help.
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