[nsp] BGP - Filter

Peter Burggasser p.burggasser at uta1002.at
Mon Mar 10 13:23:57 EST 2003

I know it is not necessary to know about it, but it is also not a mistake
to know how it works. And i prefer to hold short possible mistake.

Peter Burggasser

> Peter Burggasser wrote:
>> I am only interessted about the logic. We are planing to do BGP-4, and
>> now I read realy accurate the rfc2622 (RPSL) and found this filter
> Are you sure you need the knowledge of RPSL to run BGP? Just do not
> filter anything if you do not feel like to.
>> {^20-24}^26-28} == {^26-28}
>> But why should I do like the first block? What is the advantage from
>> the first? I can not figure out whats the difference, or is it just
>> the same. So if anyone can give me a tip would be great.
>> Thanks for your help
>> Peter Burggasser
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