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We would be interested to get also some scalability figures about using
7200VXR or 7513 for doing xDSL aggregation on PA-A3-OC3 (OC3 ATM cards).

Cisco's recommendation is not to use 7513 platform for this, as this PA on
a VIP4-80
is limited to 300 PVC.
For the 7200, we have no specific figures, 1200 PVC is supposed to be the
theoretical limit ....

Any feedback from the field welcomed....

Brian, which NPE model are you using on you 7206VXR that has  20% CPU load
with  600 PVC ?


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Thanks for the info .. We have 7206VXR's with approx. 600 PVC's with
mixes of T-1's and xDSL clients .. To date the routers CPU's average
20%, what we are concerned about is the backplane and how well its
handling the traffic ..


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Our Redback sms100 handles over 200 1.5down, 256k up pvc's without a
hiccup.  This includes doing PPoa AAA to radius, filtering and
anti-spoofing, and per VC bandwidth monitoring.  When they lived on a
7206vxr, we had to shuffle some other things off to other boxes because
of CPU load.

The only thing I don't like about it so far is that it won't boot off of
a non-redback Flash card.  Read/Write are okay, just won't boot.  I am
strongly opposed to companies that deliberately make hardware
incomatible with standardized third party components.  (Here's the logic
behind that:   It's 4:00 a.m. and a flashcard fails.  I have to boot off
of TFTP instead of using one of the half-dozen spare flash cards I have.
If I want a hot spare, I have to buy a $300 dollar flash card that is
functionally idenetical to the $30 cards I already have.)


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The redback is designed specifically for high-density pvc handling.  It
offers much more flexibility than Cisco (e.g., pvc's or vpi/vci's can be
mapped at layer 2 to vlans or vc's on other trunks, or may be simply
routed/bridged).  Your model choice will be based primarily on the port
density you need.  I'll second the recommendation.

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Brian Watters wrote:

:Hmm .. Ok can you share the reasons why? .. Did you see a performance
:increase from the 720x series to the RedBack and if so where and how
:many PVC's on the Cisco vs the Redback? .. What model Redback?
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:We switched to redback equipment for Xdsl pcv's and have been extremely
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:Hello all,
:WE are looking for some real world advice as to how many PVC's can be
:safely run on a 7206VXR, these routers are being used as xDSL and T-1
ag :routers and have a ATM T-3 card on them that we provision PVC's
(xDSL) :on ..

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