[nsp] DSCP transparency

George Boulescu george at roedu.net
Fri Mar 14 00:06:28 EST 2003


I have the following setup:

<ISP router>---LCOC12c-<GSR>-LC-1GBIT------<7500>

My ISP is marking some of the traffic with a special DSCP valuee.

I want to do something (counting&shapping) with this marked traffic.
My border router is a 12406 running 12.0.21ST5. I cannot do CBQ on it
because the engine 0&1 LC that I have don't support it, so I want to
evaluate the marked traffic on my 7500.

The problem is that all the packets comming from the GSR to the 7500 have
a DSCP value of 0, so the GSR is rewriting the DSCP field in the packets.

Is this a "feature" or a bug ?
I've also had marked traffic routed through a bunch of routers (7xxx) and
the DSCP value is preserved over the routers.
Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance.


George Boulescu
Senior Network Engineer
RoEduNet Bucharest NOC

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