[nsp] DSCP transparency

George Boulescu george at roedu.net
Fri Mar 14 11:59:41 EST 2003

> Sounds strange. Are you sure you receive marked traffic on the GSR (from the
> ISP)?

Yes I'm shure.

> > <ISP router>---LCOC12c-<GSR>-LC-1GBIT------<7500>

I discovered an interesting thing: the packets passed to an E3 interface
keep their DSCP. The only difference between the Gig and the E3 interfaces
is the MTU. The POS and the E3 have the same MTU, 4470, but the Gig
interface has 1500, as ussual. I suspect that this is a bug.


George Boulescu
Senior Network Engineer
RoEduNet Bucharest NOC

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