[nsp] LAN-related questions

Volodymyr Yakovenko vovik at dumpty.org
Fri Mar 14 15:48:32 EST 2003

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 08:23:40AM -0800, Voll, Scott wrote:
>What is the problem.... Is the cisco router giving itself out as the Mac
>of other devices??  If yes, look into proxyarp.

There is no problem. 

What I need is to implement in some network segments more strict policy
and disallow unathorized changes of IP to MAC correspondence.

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> Does anyone know about an ability to control correspondence of source
> address to source MAC address on receiving interface on any Cisco
> platform? 
> Is there any other method of implementing 'static ARP' (IP to MAC 
> correspondance) on Cisco router rather than manual creation of static
> entries for _entire_ IP subnet?
> What is the right MAC for unused subnet addresses? 0000.0000.0000?
>Router's interface MAC address? 
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