[nsp] Duplex Mode Problem

Niels Bakker niels=cisco-nsp at bakker.net
Mon Mar 17 15:26:48 EST 2003

* info at faraco.com (Info) [Mon 17 Mar 2003, 15:19 CET]:
>  I've an AS5300 and I've connected both Ethernet0 and FastEthernet0 of
> the router to my switch.
>  I've configured FastEthernet0 for FullDuplex 100M and Ethernet0 mode
> both on the router and the switch.
>  But I get the following errors in syslog:
>  268738: *Mar 17 00:16:03.998 UTC: %CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH: duplex
> mismatch discovered on FastEthernet0 (not half duplex), with fara5300
> Ethernet0 (half duplex).
> 268751: *Mar 17 00:17:03.998 UTC: %CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH: duplex
> mismatch discovered on Ethernet0 (not full duplex), with fara5300
> FastEthernet0 (full duplex).

Get a Cisco switch, or disable CDP on the interfaces.

	-- Niels.


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