[nsp] PPP authentication redundancy

Iwan Thomas Iwan.Thomas at uk.easynet.net
Tue Mar 18 16:11:12 EST 2003


Has anyone tried applying dialer watch to a non-ISDN backup interface? My
requirement is for a 2nd PPP authentication u+p to be used when a learnt
route becomes unavailable, but with the primary physical line still up. Thus
not failing over to ISDN BRI, but to a different RADIUS profile via the
Primary link. 

My thought is for a 2nd dialer interface to be configured for dialer watch.
Whichever way I configure this, the 2nd dialer fails with:

DDR: Dialer Watch: No free dialer on Di1


DDR: Dialer Watch watch-group 1 - dialer map/string not present on Di1 

I'm TACing this, but thought there may be a simple answer I have missed?....

Thanks in advance,


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