[nsp] Counting bps...

Lars Erik Gullerud lerik at nolink.net
Tue Mar 18 19:51:40 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 15:20, Iva Cabric wrote:

> > So whatever you do with whichever counters you use - don't use them for
> > anything that brings money without sanity checks.
> Last week, people from Cisco were trying to convince me, that Catalyst
> 3550 is definitely the way to go for limiting and accounting (at least
> on Fastethernet).

Well, for FastEthernet use I'm actually inclined to agree with Cisco for
once. 3550's seem to do these sort of things very nicely, YMMV depending
on your specific needs and usage of course.

...but if anyone knows better, please enlighten me, since I'm currently
considering buying quite a few more of these than the few we have bought
mostly for lab use so far. :)


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