[nsp] ebgp vs ebgp multihop

Nipper, Arnold arnold at nipper.de
Tue Mar 25 13:01:28 EST 2003

Simple rule: if you don't have to do it don't do it. I only came across
multi-hop in the following situtations:

 + direct hops are not capable of running bgp (or bgp with full tables)
 + bundeling of links
 + for monitoring purposes

AFAIR there are no special caveats you have to be aware of.


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> Hi all,
> i would like to know your opinion/experience about using ebgp multihop
> comparing with ebgp. AFAIK, ebgp was designed for directly connected only
> and using ebgp multhop is not recomended for ISP envy. would you please
> tell me the caveat of using ebgp multihop for ISP envy.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> regards
> hendro
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