[nsp] dynamic user and routes

Arie J. Gerszt arie at gerszt.ch
Thu Mar 27 11:36:16 EST 2003


I've got a little Cisco problem. There is a 2600 router with two
BRI interfaces and there are a couple of other routers out there
periodically connecting to it. I'm using virtual-templates to allow
for mppp channel bundling. So the interface is alway changing.
Sometimes this user has got vi2, the other time vi3 and so on.
Putting a static route route with "ip route blabla" is not an

Now the problem is how can I associate a separate static route (ie.
192.168.40/24 and so on) to the "users" that connect to the 2600?

I've been searching the Cisco website for documentation all night
and can't find a useful solution other than putting a RADIUS or
TACACS server in place to handle the routes.

Is there any way to bond a static route to a given user thats
connects to the machine in a way that can be done entirely local
on the router? The IOS I have on it is 12.2.T13(3).

Thanks for help,


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