[nsp] VoIP Router beeping?

Frank Zahrt fzahrt at caerusnetworks.com
Thu Mar 27 14:54:39 EST 2003

Any UPS's in that closet? They certainly complain loudly if their
battery is going bad by beeping, then stopping after a min or 2. (least
mine do)


Frank Zahrt III
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One of our remote sites has a 2650 router and two 3524-XL-PWR switches.
have Cisco VoIP at this site.

At least twice a day, they swear that they hear beeping from the Cisco
equipment, for about a minute or two. The only other thing in the wiring
closet is a patch panel.

The 2650 has two FXO and two FXS ports, for outgoing 911 calls and
incoming fax calls.  Could they be making beeps for some reason?

Any ideas??

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