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Arif, Ijaz Ijaz.Arif at attcanada.com
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Designed for the large-enterprise organization, the Cisco PIX 525 Firewall
with an unrestricted license provides all the functionality of the PIX
525-R, and more. The 525-UR adds the ability to statefully failover to a
backup PIX firewall, includes an integrated VPN Accelerator Card (VAC), as
well as support for an additional two (for a total of eight) 10/100 Fast
Ethernet ports. It has enough power for more than 280,000 concurrent
connections and up to 370 Mbps of clear text throughput.


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What is the maximum number of connections/sessions that can pass through a
Pix 525 concurrently?
Trying to find this on Cisco's site, but having very little luck.



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