[nsp] Bandwidth Cap Question

Clinton Work work at scripty.com
Thu Mar 27 22:49:59 EST 2003

I have used CAR on 2600/3600s and hardware policing on the 3550/6500s. The
results aren't good and you usually average 50% of the policed rate. You
can push more data by increasing the burst size, but it really defeats
the purpose of policing. 

If the 3550s supports some form of traffic shaping then I would be
interested in seeing the details. The latest 12.1(13)EA1 release on the CCO
only support traffic policing. 


If I remember correctly, the 7600 OSM cards support traffic shapping
per sub-interface. The cards are expensive, but it should work well. 

Cisco 2600/3600/7200/7500 routers support Generic Traffic Shaping, but
I don't know how well it performs.


On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 09:57:05PM -0500, Dan Armstrong wrote:
> We have been wrestling with this very same issue for a long time now.  I
> have never really got a good answer, and often feel like I am in the
> Emporers New Clothes telling everybody that "nobody has REALLY thought
> this through yet!"

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