[nsp] "bonding" T1 and SDSL links

Charles Sprickman spork at inch.com
Fri Mar 28 01:02:08 EST 2003


I've got two sites that are connected to one central PoP via both a T1 and
SDSL circuits.  The economics of the situation dictate this for the time
being.  All circuits are 1.54 Mb/s.  All circuits terminate at the same

I'm currently doing something rather hackish to make this work.  Since the
SDSL routers do not support any real routing protocols, they are put in
bridge mode and are brought into a switch on their own vlans.  At the PoP,
these are setup so that each sdsl circuit is in it's own BVI.  To get
traffic flowing across these links somewhat evenly and to detect link
failure on the bridged circuits, I run OSPF and per-packet load balancing
(yep, read that thread, and that method is giving me the best performance
so far; most traffic at one site is destined for a single host, so
per-destination does not work well).

Is there any other methodology I can look at?   This works, but it doesn't
seem optimal.

Obviously MLPPP won't work here...



Charles Sprickman
spork at inch.com

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