[nsp] Dynamic users and routes

Cameron Dry cdry at connect.com.au
Sat Mar 29 09:02:20 EST 2003


There are 3 solutions to this, depending on your particular setup:

1. On the hub router, configure a separate dialer profile for each
   remote router, and ensure the incoming call is bound to the
   the dialer interface with the "dialer remote-name" statement.
   This way, you can point your route to the dialer interface. The
   pre-requisite for this configuration is that you must be using
   ppp authentication, and this must be configured on both the
   logical (dialer x) and physical (bri x) interface.

2. If the spoke router always uses the same ip address, just point the
   route at the next-hop rather than the virtual-interface (not sure
   if this option was excluded in your question)

3. Use dynamic routing - for a small network of only a few routers
   RIP1/2 or EIGRP works well provided you prevent them from initiating
   a call. This only works if there is no need for the hub router
   to call the remote routers, and you maintain a static default
   on the remote routers - otherwise, snapshot routing would be
   required, which has its "limitations".

Cameron Dry

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