[nsp] Recommended Cisco 7401 IOS Release

Noriega, Alejandro ANoriega at prima.com.ar
Mon Nov 3 14:21:24 EST 2003

Hi Darren,
	since I upgraded to 12.3(3) my pxf is working fine:

lima1>sh pxf info
pxf: tmc type TMC ASIC Pass2 (T2-ECC) revision 2
ucode: filename 'system:pxf/ucode0' revision 1.1
state:  is running, number of starts 1
uptime: 4w4d


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Hi Folks

I was wondering if anyone fancies offering a recommended release these
days for the Cisco 7401 routers :-)

I had to turn PXF off 2 months ago and most of them been stable as a
rock on 12.2(14)S3 apart from one that likes to reset bgp sessions at
random every few days and the cpu usage climbing with PXF off.

I notice we're now on 12.2(14)S5 on the S train, 12.2(16)B2 on the B
train, and 12.2(15)T8 on the T train!

Then we've got the 12.3 releases with 12.3.3a as the latest :)

My only real requirements are:

	PXF + Netflow
	BGP (for peering at exchanges and whatnot)

Any thoughts?

Best Regards

Darren Smith

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