[nsp] What release of 12.2 supports WCCP web-cache IP spoofing?

Lincoln Dale ltd at cisco.com
Tue Nov 4 18:59:54 EST 2003

Hi Mark,

"IP Spoofing" is a function of your Cache product, not a function of WCCP.

all releases of IOS 12.2 (any release train) include WCCP interface exclusions.
the command syntax is "ip wccp redirect exclude in", as its a directive 
that isn't specific to any one single WCCP service.



At 10:15 AM 5/11/2003, Mark Persiko wrote:
>I saw from Cisco's website that 12.1(3)T supported IP spoofing in WCCP.
>I have 12.2 running on my 7204's, and I thought 12.2 incorporated the T
>train of Cisco IOS releases.
>I tried the command "ip wccp web-cache redirect exclude in" on the
>interface connected to the cache LAN segment.  It did not accept the
>What release of 12.2 supports WCCP web-cache IP spoofing?
>  Mark
>- Mark C. Persiko, Network Engineer
>- IT Division, Boulder Valley School District

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