[nsp] windows and IPSec

Roberto Bazan Sancho roberto.bazan at inycom.es
Thu Nov 6 10:24:20 EST 2003


I think I've a problem with windows networks

I explain you my situation:

two Cisco Routers 837 connected to Internet with ADSL.

Between the two Routers I've created an IPSec VPN. It works great for TCP/IP, but when I tried browse for diferents folders since Windows PC to Server-Windows, it's imposible, In my PC the folder hang up and i've to close the window.

			-----------------------					       --------------------------
Server-windows -------------| ADSL Router | ---------------- INTERNET ----------------------| ADSL ROUTER |------------------- Windows PCs
			----------------------					       --------------------------

					----------------- IPSEC VPN ------------------

Any Suggestion ?

Thanks in advace

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