[nsp] Cisco 2950-24 SI

Dan Salekin dan.salekin at terago.ca
Thu Nov 6 12:28:22 EST 2003

I'm experiencing performance problems specifically with the Standard Image Chassis.

Operating two ports, both as 10Mb FD, I can't sustain more than a 10% traffic load bi-directional.
It seams that only one side can receive, and the received traffic pattern flip flops from 0 pps to 823 pps. I'm transmitting 823 pps on both ports.

If I switch to 100Mb FD, the results are different. I'm transmitting 8224 pps on both sides but I only receive only ~half the pps!

If I switch out the 2950-24 SI box for a 2950G-12 EI box (same config, same sw) I have positive test results.

Has anybody had a similar experience with this switch model?


Dan Salekin

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