[nsp] AS5300 modem dialout

Markus Wild mwild at vianetworks.ch
Mon Nov 10 15:44:25 EST 2003

> > This is after ATD041798XXXX
> > 
> Just a thought, what happens if you dial ATDT 041****
> if I understand it right ATD gives a digital call and ATDT 
> gives analogue so the digital call fails on connect to an 
> analogue phone.

I used to know ATDT as tone dialing, and ATDP as pulse dialing (and then with
Zyxel ATDI as ISDN dialing...). 
Both T and P don't make much sense when the actual dialing is done via ISDN
signalling, and Cisco lists neither of them as valid dial modifiers:

However, they're not very consistent, and do actually use the T in one of their

When I retried with ATDT, I see:

Nov 10 20:32:15.144: Mica Modem(2/59): Rcvd Dial String(T041798XXXX)
Nov 10 20:32:15.144: Mica Modem(2/59): Dropped character T
Nov 10 20:32:15.144: Mica Modem(2/59): Dial String to be processed (041798XXXX)
Nov 10 20:32:15.144: Mica Modem(2/59): End of Dial String

so, back to where we started...  But thanks for the idea:)


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