[nsp] MAC address removal

Alban Dani adani at stevens.edu
Tue Nov 11 15:02:55 EST 2003

David thank you,

I tried your suggestion but I still have the problem.

switch6500#sh mac-address-table | include 0030.da2f.58c6
    52  0030.da2f.58c6   dynamic  Yes   --  Gi4/2
*   91  0030.da2f.58c6    static  No    --  Gi4/8

The old (dynamic) entry remains in the table. So the question is how  do
I get the first entry out of there.  

Thanks again,


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Removing a MAC entry from a switch will cause the switch to flood
traffic to
that MAC out all ports in the associated VLAN.  So you don't really stop
them from working.

If you are trying to stop them from being bad, you have a couple of

Since are are on a router you can route their /32 to null0
If you want to stop them on the LAN segment, you can point their MAC out
wrong port with a static entry (Native mode:  mac-address static
1234.5678.90af vlan 1 int g1/1).

Hope that helps.


On 11/11/03 11:31 AM, "Alban Dani" <adani at stevens.edu> wrote:

> I have a catalyst 6500 running IOS Version 12.1(19)E1.
> I am trying to find out how to remove/filter a particular mac address
> (say somebody who's being nasty)
> from the switch mac address table and keep it out for a certain amount
> of time.
> I know people have successfully done something similar in 6500 using
> OS.
> thanks
> Alban 
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