[nsp] High latency

sthaug at nethelp.no sthaug at nethelp.no
Wed Nov 12 14:11:45 EST 2003

> I'm having a really strange Issue with my 7513,
> It seems like the 7513 will make the latency on any link
> Jump up to a peak of 100ms to 400ms for a few packets then settle down
> to below 1ms
> Then after a little while (30sec to 1min) it'll do the same thing,
> The cpu load when this happens is around 30%-40% (this load is constant
> during the day),

Are you seeing this latency increase by pinging the router itself, or
pinging *through* the router? If you're pinging the router itself, you
could be seeing the effect of the BGP scanner process.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no

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