[nsp] ip verify unicast not logging in ACL

Terry Baranski tbaranski at mail.com
Wed Nov 12 21:23:02 EST 2003

> CEF switching can occur in both the interrupt as well as the process
> path (at least in recent IOS releases like 12.0S/12.2/12.3/etc.), the
> latter is called "CEF process path". This was mainly added to enable
> tag/mpls primitives (push/pop/swap) also in the process path 
> (ex: "debug
> mpls packet" causes the mpls pkts to be "process-cef-switched", "debug
> ip packet" also prints a "cef process switched" or similar in the
> debug).
> So in summary: A CEF-switched pkt is not necessarily nterrupt 
> switched..

Can you provide any perspective on the performance of CEF process
switching relative to CEF interrupt switching and standard process


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