[nsp] route maps and cpu usage

Terry Baranski tbaranski at mail.com
Wed Nov 12 21:35:51 EST 2003

> I'm looking to put a simple route map on a few hundred atm
> interfaces to force the next hop.  I'm having a bit of 
> trouble finding if this is process-switched or not in the 
> 12.2T train.  Any pointers to where I could find that info?

Apparently it's CEF-switched by default from 12.0 on if CEF is enabled.

> I'm also wondering what the behaviour is here if the next hop is
> unreachable...

Standard destination-based routing is performed if there's no route to
the next-hop.  If there is a route to the next-hop (i.e., the outbound
interface is up) but the next-hop itself is down, then you're in some
trouble unless you're using 12.3(4)T which allows PBR to use Enhanced
Object Tracking and allows Enhanced Object Tracking to track via SAA,
which basically means ping-based PBR is possible.  See


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