[nsp] traffic/accouting via snmp for virtual-access users on 3640

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at hawk-systems.com
Thu Nov 13 08:34:54 EST 2003

A similar post regarding the aaa session-mib was posted on cisco-nas list last
week with no response or comment.

We havea 3640 that terminates l2tp tunnels from various bell switches, over
which our DSL traffic is authenticated and routed to the internet.  we have
aaa accounting for start and stop turned on, and it collects perfectly the
sessions, and amount of traffic over the end users dsl connection during that

what we would like to do, both for end of month accounting purposes (to avoid
simply booting everyone to generate the stop records for accounting purposes)
and for mid month to determine usage and provide  end month usage projections,
is to do pull over snmp the current usage on any particulat virtual access

A promising resource for this was adding "aaa session-mib disconnect" which
provided access to this as well as the ability to terminate connections from
what I understood of the documentation.  While originally for the as5x00
series, the command is available in the 3640 IOS12.2 that we are running.
However, in doing an snmp_walk from our radius server on the router, I did not
see any of the oids referenced in the documentation.

Wit the current usage, is there a way to get via snmp the current bytes in/out
on a virtual-access interface (Vi1, Vi2), and/or have the ability to terminate
the connection via snmp as well?

Appreciate any responses or insight.


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