[nsp] Tag-Switching OldStyle

Wayne Gustavus (cisconsp) wg-cisco-nsp at wgustavus.com
Fri Nov 14 11:32:50 EST 2003

Well, I answered my own question (w/ the help of some colleagues)

First off, it helps to search for "mpls ldp" when you can't find anything
for the command you are looking for that starts with "tag-switching".  I
found the docs here:

Something that was interesting is that there appears to be an important
nuance to rule 2.b under the usage guidelines for new style.  There is a
default command that advertises all labels to all peers.  While this does
not appear in the config (since it is default), it gets parsed first and
matches the prefix satisfying the rule of one match.  This prevents the next
command (e.g. mpls ldp advertise-labels for 2) from being evaluated to
control a label advertisement(s).  The example in the docs seems to imply
this as well since it includes the command 'no mpls ldp advertise-labels'.
This cmd (the no form) will show up in the config BEFORE the 'mpls ldp
advertise-labels for 2' cmd, allowing the labels to be properly controlled.

This behavior was verified in the lab.  Very strange (or at least not
documented very well).

Wayne Gustavus 

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> Eric & Cisco-NSP
> I've been testing some mpls features in our lab and came 
> across the global
> command:  tag-switching advertise-tags oldstyle
> This cmd was necessary to get the label filtering working 
> correctly for 12.0(26)S7 on a 7200.
> I cannot find any documentation on 'oldstyle' anywhere on CCO 
> or in the NSP archives.  Can anyone comment on what this 
> command does and/or why it was necessary for the label 
> filtering to work?
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