[nsp] eBGP routes not balancing

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Mon Nov 17 03:09:55 EST 2003

Indeed BGP does select oldest-route when everything else is equal.  I don't 
know that router IDs even come into play anymore.  Quagga/Zebra have this 
behavior as well.

If you want to prefer one peer over the other you'll have to route-map with 
some lower-local prefs on the lesser preferred peer.  I'd think if you 
wanted there are hardware/software products that work in place of your 
router to more automate this task of traffic engineering but I don't have 
any I'd recommend.

Undocumented Features quote of the moment...
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have to worry about; it's the twenty thousand-odd rounds
labeled `occupant.'"
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