[nsp] mls ip cef load-sharing full on 6500

Steve Francis steve at expertcity.com
Mon Nov 17 15:47:15 EST 2003

Anyone have any experience with "mls ip cef load-sharing full" on 

Using the default src/dst IP load balancing, I am getting a 4:1 traffic 
distribution over two links.

All this traffic is actually going to one host, so the hash is really 
only based on the traffic src ip.

I expect that enabling "mls ip cef load-sharing full", so that the load 
balancing includes the layer 4 ports, will even out the distribution, 
but there is no documentation as to the adverse impacts of doing so:
- does it consume more resources of some kind?
- cause things to be punted to the MSFC2 for routing?
- general badness and instability?

The only mention I can find of it on cisco's site at all says "

*Usage Guidelines*

The *mls ip cef load-sharing full* command is supported on systems 
configured with the Supervisor Engine 2 only.

For additional guidelines, refer to the Catalyst 6500 Series Switch 
Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide."

But of course, the COnfiguration guides don't mention the command at 
all. Its only in the command reference and release notes.

Anyone played with it in real life, or have more info about the impacts, 
if any?

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