[nsp] eBGP routes not balancing

Dmitri Kalintsev dek at hades.uz
Mon Nov 17 16:52:13 EST 2003

Hi Jeff,

You may want to try to overwrite the next hop for both of your upstreams to
something obscure (a couple of rfc1918 address for instance) and have this
obscure thing statically pointing out of your uplink interfaces.


1) create a route-map for AT&T, that would change the next-hop received to
say for the destination prefixes you want to load-balance to;

2) create similar map for Sprint, that would change next-hop to say;

3) create two static routes FOR EACH obscure next-hop:

ip route hssi4/0
ip route hssi11/0


ip route hssi4/0
ip route hssi11/0

That should take care of it. Of course you will have to advertise the routes
to and to the parts of your network where there is no

This setup (or should I say "dirty hack"?) should perform a cef load
balancing for you.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 11:50:31PM -0800, Jeff Chan wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're running multihomed with two DS3s and have been for a while.
> After we reset our peering session with one upstream our outbound
> traffic no longer balances correctly.  Both are large providers
> and we're getting similarly full routes from both.  Our route maps
> are stamping identical MEDs and localprefs on all the incoming
> routes but the bestpath selection is clearly skewed towards one
> (AT&T which was reset least recently).  I'm wondering if anyone
> has any ideas how to correct this. 

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