[nsp] traffic/accouting via snmp for virtual-access users on 3640

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at hawk-systems.com
Tue Nov 18 09:10:48 EST 2003

>> Wit the current usage, is there a way to get via snmp the current bytes
>> in/out on a virtual-access interface (Vi1, Vi2), and/or have the ability
>> to terminate the connection via snmp as well?
>I actually just installed a 3640 with an IMA card to replace an old
>MC3810, and asked TAC that same question. According to TAC, there's a bug
>in certain IOS versions that causes the counters to be missing in the
>virtual-access interfaces via SNMP. See:
>The engineer I worked with didn't have an ETA for new code to fix the
>problem.  :(   I'm seeing the issue in 12.3(3a).

ok, so to redirect this thread...  aside from implementing a solution similar
to what we used a few years back with as5300 series which was to;
	sh user (caller in as5300)
	parse the output for the user we want to get the Vi#
	sh int virtual-a # stats
	...or clear int virtual-a #
	...depending on what we are wanting to do.

aside from resurrecting that code and altering it for the 3640, is there a way
to get the current input/output from the 3640 without knowing what vi port
that the user is logged in as.  I don't even require the ability to drop the
user, but do need to be able to intelligently poll the 3640 for any active
sessions to determine bandwidth usage.  (any sessions that have ended have
already transmitted their stop packets so we are not concerned about them).

IOS (tm) 3600 Software (C3640-JK9O3S-M), Version 12.2(19), RELEASE SOFTWARE



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